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A City On The Move


Second Range Crossing


  • Increase economic activity in the region by $2.4 billion over 30 years

  • Diversion of almost 80% of heavy and super-heavy commercial vehicles away from the existing range crossing

  • Diversion of heavy and super-heavy commercial vehicles away from the Toowoomba Central Business district

  • The avoidance of up to 18 sets of traffic lights

  • Reduction of travel time across the range by up to 40 minutes for heavy commercial vehicles

  • Increased freight efficiencies

  • Improved road and driver safety

  • Enhanced liveability for the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley areas.


Inland Rail


The cost of freight for regional producers and manufacturers is a large component of their cost.

An effective rail solution will hopefully reduce that freight cost, and provide more effective paths to market.

For Toowoomba, it completes the trifecta of infrastructure we have been calling for.

We have a brand new world class international airport (with international freight opportunities), we have a brand new world class road about to start, and if we get Inland Rail running through the outskirts of Toowoomba, we are truly set up to be a world class Inland Port.


Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport


  • Increased business tourism benefits many small to medium enterprises such as motels, restaurants, the professional services sector, cleaning and transport companies

  • Development of international trade markets for the regions’ primary producers

  •  Development of a large industrial precinct, with an emphasis on transport, logistics, mining services and aviation. This will mean future opportunities for industrial land developers, sales and leasing agents, and property financiers and bankers. 

  • Establishment of a $35 million academy and accommodation facility which will have an initial intake of 100 pilots, with a capacity of up to 250 pilots a year.

International Airport
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